6 Risks Associated with Unsecured Personal Loans

Millions of Brits every year take out an unsecured personal loan to help them pay for emergency expenditure, improving their home, buying a car, and more. However, before you take an unsecured personal loan out, what do you need to know? Are you taking any risks if you accept a loan?
Today, the team at BestShortTermLoans […]

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5 Ways to Get a Loan with a Bad Credit

We all know what a loan is but for many of us the ways of borrowing a loan is still unknown. Loans are often borrowed when we are in deep financial crisis. The amount of cash that we have may not be enough to cater all our needs. So, we need loans for some or […]

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5 Ways to Finance your Studies in 2019

According to the latest Student Money Survey from Save The Student, 61% of university students in the UK say that their maintenance loan is not enough to live on.
So what are those studying to do when their student finances doesn’t quite stretch far enough? In this article, the Best Short Term Loans team will guide […]

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Instalment Loans for Self-Employed – Things to Know

Have you been self-employed for a little while now and you find yourself needing a short-term instalment loan just to tide things over? What if you have bad credit at the same time? Welcome to BestShortTermLoans’s guide to instalment loans for self-employed with bad credit.
In this guide, you’ll find out:
•  what is the definition of […]

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Opt for Low APR Student Loans in the UK

The tuition fees for higher education tripled in the year 2012 in the UK. Moreover, the educational institutions became money minded profit houses, leeching away the financial fidelity of the already crippled students among.
Many governmental bodies heard and responded to these mayday cries across. Yet nothing substantial was constructed to ease this situation.
University officials stated […]

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Small Cash Loans for your Urgent Needs

A small walk to get something is shorter than a larger wait for it. We all think of small financial needs to be less relevant and we think that in such times the money will pour out of thesky and into our pockets. Yet when we face these issues,there’s only so much we can do […]

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The Collapse of Wonga put other Payday in the Firing Line

In August 2018, Wonga, the leading payday loan lender in the UK, literally ran out of “wonga”. In any line of business, the collapse of the leading payer causes major disruption and ripples. And, coming up to three months after Wonga entering administration, other payday and short-term loan lenders are in the firing line.
The reason […]

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No Credit Check Loan: An Insight on your Rights and Responsibilities

Ignoring the bells and the whistles we blow for your protection or opting for a loan opportunity without proper knowledge may open a can of worms along. You will not be able to see it coming, sneaking and crawling up to decimate your happiness and you wouldn’t want anything as such while dealing with money […]

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Personal Loans for Homeowners

A personal loan is a form of an unsecured loan. This loan does not require you to put anything up as collateral (a valuable asset that the loan provider can sell in the event that you do not make your repayments).
Personal loans come in two different forms: short-term loans and payday loans.

Short-term loans usually allow […]

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Instant Payday Loans for Students and How They Work

2 out of every 100 students take out instant payday loans to help them cover shortfalls in their own personal budgets and to cover emergency expenses, according to the National Union of Students. In London, where the cost of living is even higher, more students take out instant payday loans than anywhere else in the […]

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