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5 Ways to Finance your Studies in 2019

According to the latest Student Money Survey from Save The Student, 61% of university students in the UK say that their maintenance loan is not enough to live on.
So what are those studying to do when their student finances doesn’t quite stretch far enough? In this article, the Best Short Term Loans team will guide […]

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10 do’s and don’ts of Short Term Loans

Millions of Brits take out short-term loans every year. When used responsibly, they can be an important tool for people who have found themselves short of cash to pay for something urgent and essential which they currently don’t have enough in their savings account to meet.
As with all financial products though, you should do your […]

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What is Financial Stress and How can you cope with it?

At some point in our lives, every one of us will feel stressed out because of money. Whether it is that time you left your wallet on the bus or your car broke down two weeks before payday, we’ve all been there.
But what happens when your money worries become all too frequent? And what can […]

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I have been rejected for a loan? What can I do?

If you’ve been rejected for a loan and you’re unsure what your next step should be, BestShortTermLoans have put together this easy-to-follow guide on the reasons why some lenders say “no” to short-term loan applications.
In this article, we’ll look at:
• why lenders say “no” because of the details you’ve gave them when apply,
• what leads […]

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Guarantee your Financial Security through Short Term Loans

Are you suffering from sudden money problems? Is your salary not enough to sustain difficult time of rising expenses? Due to the never-ending rise in living costs, many people are facing difficulties to maintain their livelihood. Families are suffering from a pile of unavoidable expenditures like tuition fees, house repairs and etc. Though situations like […]

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