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5 Ways to Finance your Studies in 2019

According to the latest Student Money Survey from Save The Student, 61% of university students in the UK say that their maintenance loan is not enough to live on.
So what are those studying to do when their student finances doesn’t quite stretch far enough? In this article, the Best Short Term Loans team will guide […]

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Instant Payday Loans for Students and How They Work

2 out of every 100 students take out instant payday loans to help them cover shortfalls in their own personal budgets and to cover emergency expenses, according to the National Union of Students. In London, where the cost of living is even higher, more students take out instant payday loans than anywhere else in the […]

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How to Identify Payday Loan Scams for Students Online?

The convenience of payday loans makes them one of the most sought-after deals online. In fact, most of the borrowers of payday loans are those with low credit score or unstable source of income. Many people living on benefits or part-time or self-employed income also use payday loans as a gap fill loan arrangement. However, […]

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Don’t have the Moolah? Are higher studies possible?

Borrowing for the education, especially higher studies is something that you have to work out, taking into consideration different aspects. You ought to have a reasonable viewpoint on the research you intend to indulge yourself in. Education is quite crucial and indispensable for the personal growth and personality development. We are living in the times […]

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