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Assured Loan Help for Self Employed and Part Time Employed in UK

Anyone who is self employed, part time employed or working on a contract or freelance basis knows how difficult it is to borrow with unstable income source. From payday loans to personal loans, there are several hassles involved in borrowing self employed loans from conventional lenders.

Before you contact a professional for self employed loans, it is thus important to know clearly about the Facts and Myths related to loans for part time employed workers. Every loan rejection further hurts your credit rating and you should be careful to protect your credit profile.

What are the common issues faced by self employed people in UK?

Different lenders have different norms to approve your loan application. However, we have outlined the most common issues being reported by self employed people. These are:

  • Insufficient documents to prove stable income source
  • Lack of previous years’ tax returns
  • High debt to income ratio
  • Low credit score/rating

Being a responsible broker, we at Best Short Term Loans guide borrowers to get over these hassles. We help self employed people establish their credit worth. We help them reach the lenders who are willing to offer them secured and unsecured loans at best price. We let the lenders know about your credit worth as you are not looking for unemployed loans.

Whether you are looking short term loans for self employed without proper documents or self employed loans with bad credit, Best Short Term Loans can help you find tailor made loans online.

To seek our free broking advice, all you need to do is fill a form on this page. Our financial expert would contact you at earliest and share the available self employed loans in the UK.

Do’s and Don’ts to know before applying for self employed loans


  1. Do make a rough estimate of how much you need.
  2. Do assess how long it may take to repay the loan.
  3. Do contact a broker and let him search self employed loan for you.
  4. Do search for affordable instalment loans only.
  5. Do make efforts to complete all documents to establish your income.


  1. Don’t apply for payday loans in haste.
  2. Don’t borrow more than what you need.
  3. Don’t look for shallow promises by lenders.
  4. Don’t be a victim. Beware of loan sharks.
  5. Don’t be de-motivated due to hassles involved in borrowing self employed loans; rather use professional help of a broker to add positive influence in your life.

Loans to Consider for Self Employed People

Doorstep loans

Doorstep loans are short cash advance loans which can be customised according to your credit requirements. There are the least hassles involved. You can use these doorstep loans as a bridge loan for urgent needs. Being expensive loans, consider these loans for very short period only. Typically doorstep loans are granted as weekly instalment loans, wherein a loan agent visits your home for loan disbursement as well as loan reimbursement.

Short Term Personal Loans

Based on your credit requirements you can apply for short term personal loans as a self employed. We at Best Short Term Loans assess your credit repayment capability and look for loans according to your repayment capability. We search for only soft credit check loans and thus never risk your credit score. You can use personal loans for a variety of purpose.

Short Term Business Loans

With Best Short term Loans by your side, you can successfully avail short term business loans on easy instalments. We work to eliminate borrowing hassles for self employed. We extend total loan support for our clients.

Whether you need a loan against property, or wanting to consolidate your currents debts, we can help you make a learned decision without a delay. We help borrowers from all walks of life including students and part time employees avail the desired loans.